Baroque and Beer

Heavenly and earthly trinity

Choose between one or more baroque minsters among several for a short visit. On beautiful weather conditions we will also go to the “Hohen Preißenberg”, one of the most beautiful observation decks in the alpine upland. Driving through the upland, we will pass through the south tip of the “Bauernsee”, heading north. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the upland and the view on the lake during the whole trip.

After the heavenly trinity, we will now turn towards the earthly trinity and drive past the east bank of the lake, towards Stegen to the “Amerseer Brauhaus”. Bavarians youngest brewery. There we will enjoy a freshly drawn beer. With a “Zwickl” beer in your hand, the brewer will show you things worth knowing about brewing beer and the history of beer in bavaria and the rest of the world.

On a wholesome bavarian snack time we will finish up the day at the Amerseer brewery. The boardwalk in Stegen is inviting to a short walk during any weather condition. On the agreed upon time we will head back to our place of departure.

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price: on inquiry