Concentration camp memorial Dachau

A visit to the concentration camp memorial in Dachau

Dachau lies 15km (9miles) northwest of Munich and is one of the richest historical places of the III. Reich. The concentration camp Dachau has been one of the first of the NS-Regime in 1933 and has been liberated by the alliance in 1945. In the year 1965 a memorial has been built for the countless victims by former prisoners. Their intention was and still is up to this day, to give a deeper insight on the hard and unhuman life of the prisoners. Among other things, on this tour you will see the prisoner barracks and the crematory. We will also visit the museum and explain the photos and several objects on exhibition from the times of the III. Reich.

Andrea, Christian und Robert are licensed by the administration of the memorial to guide through the landscape and the museum.

  • Duration: ca. 4,5 hours / Staring point: on agreement
  • Price: € 24,- per person (incl. shuttle)
  • For groups of 8 and more available any time on inquiry