History of Munich & Bavaria

History of Munich and the free state Bavaria

Accompany us on a walk through the historic center of Munich and learn, in a non school like manner, the basic foundation of Munichs and Bavarias history. A humurous, informative tour with a lot of fun for people from Munich and Bavaria and those who want to become one, or want to know more about it.

Dukedom – Electorate – Kingdom  – Free State
Regensburg – Landshut – Ingolstadt – Munich
Liberalitas Bavarica
White-Blue rhombi and the bavarian lion
Munichs Kindl and black-golden city colours
Katholic (Old-)Bavaria – modern (State-)Bavaria
“Grüß Gott”(greet god) instead of “Guten Tag”(good day) – “Semmel” instead of “Brötchen”(bun)
and a lot more…

  • Duration: ca. 2 hours
  • Price: € 12,- per person (minimum participants 6)
  • Available for groups any time on inquiry