Experience beer (beerbrewing lesson)

Touch – See – Smell – Taste – Hear – Goggle – Enjoy & win over beefriends
Beer brewing lesson for every man – and of course every woman!

Entertaining theory combined with “flowing” practice:

Actively included in the brewing process, you will learn the high art of beerbrewing, from grinding, mashing, purifying, cooking spice, adding hops etc. The brewer will fill you up with interesting facts and anecdotes around the topic of beer until your thirst for knowledge is saturated. Also the participants will learn all about the ressources (among others taste testing several malt types, hops appraisement), as well as characteristics and development of particular beer types. While the cauldron is brewing, the participants can regain strength with snack breaks and lunch. Of course the homebrewed liquid hopsgold can’t be missing. You will gain new beer friends and got enough time for chit chat, as well as card games.

Duration: 6-7 hours
When: Specific saturdays each month
Price: On inquiry (gift certificates available)
For single persons and groups(minimum age 16 Years)

Services included:

  • Brewing lesson
  • Food and Drinks during the lesson
  • How’s it brewing? I hops well!

As soon as your brewed beer can be enjoyed, you will get notice. After consultation you can either enjoy the beer in the brewery(with friends), fill up bottles, or in return for a deposit, retrieve a 20 liter keg for enjoyment at home, or your garden. Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt’s!

Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of wheat, that had the chance to become beer.